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I managed to totally forget to go over some of the general ground rules that I typically go over with a new group to make sure everybody is on the same page – just simple stuff that makes the games go a bit smoother. It’s been a while since I’ve played a long-term campaign and needed to go over some of these things, so I totally goofed and spaced it. Sorry guys. Feel free to bring me any questions, comments, or concerns you might have.

General character stuff: You guys are actually doing great at this so I don’t think I need to go over it very much. I expect roleplaying, teamwork, and some degree of group cohesion and you guys do all that wonderfully and easily exceed my expectations, making this a really easy table to GM for.

Rules disagreements: My general table rule is that if there is a disagreement on rules interpretation, the DM has final say at the moment and it can be further reviewed after the encounter. This keeps us from looking up rules and having an immersion-breaking discussion in the middle of what might be a tense combat. That said, my general assumption is to rule as in-favor of the players as I can if I don’t know the rule, and then look it up afterwards. This means that sometimes I will make rule calls and not be 100% sure, and then come to you guys afterwards and say “Yeah, you could do that this one time, but the actual rule is this.” It keeps the table moving and tends to make players feel less like I’m picking on them in the heat of the moment.

Homebrew material: I have gotten in the habit of home-brewing or house-ruling quite a bit of material. I feel that I have enough experience with the d20 and Archmage system (the mechanics system that 13A uses) that I can do that fairly comfortably without breaking the game or being super unfair to anybody. That said, some things may need a bit of fine-tuning and you guys (B-unit and H-bear, I’m looking at you) are totally guinea pigs on a regular basis; hopefully you understand that at any time I reserve the right to change house rules or home-brew content. I will try as hard as I can to give you adequate warning and not do it in the middle of the session unless it is ground-shatteringly broken. With that, you guys totally reserve the right to make sweeping changes to your character mechanics if I change something on you and you don’t like it.

In short: You guys are awesome to game for and I totally enjoy it. Thanks for being so awesome, and hopefully none of my general game rules infuriate you. Let me know if they do!

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Basic Intro

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