Closing the Box

Repelling the Valenar Horde

Session 1

When the five of us – Gorudo, Mizar, Nai Nai, Shun, and T’ket – were called into Captain Berre Stormfist’s office one day, more than one of us likely hoped we could remain on light duty indefinitely. As members of an elite squad stationed at Fort Bones in Karrnath, we often were called upon to do sometimes odd tasks that required more skill and/or diplomacy than the average soldier had.

We were informed that a prior member of the regiment stationed at Fort Bones, a halfling named Dalekirk Twinzzle, is currently the leader of the nearby halfling tribe Fa’shizzle and has requested help from the Fort. Captain Stormfist “asked” the group if we would be willing to provide assistance.

We left Fort Bones the following day riding dinosaurs. We crossed the nicely paved House Orien road that runs north-south through the western side of the Talenta Plains, and entered a marshy area. Soon after that, we encountered a caravan of hobgoblin “traders.” The “traders” were uninterested in traveling on the road for rather sketchy reasons, and we decided to take a look at their cargo.

They didn’t lie about being traders, they just didn’t mention that they were slave traders. Nai Nai gets one of the people to play dead, and insists on performing last rites for the body. The slave traders didn’t take too kindly to that, and decided to make the party into slaves. We said no.

After beating the hobgoblins down and freeing the slaves, Nai Nai gave them each some gold and directions to the House Orien road we passed. Then we continued on toward the Fa’shizzle tribe.

When we found them, Dalekirk Twinzzle was quite happy to have our help and told us that Valenar elves had always conducted raids in the Talenta Plains, but that it had ramped up significantly in the last few months. Dalekirk was uncertain why the attacks would be more frequent, and invited us to travel with the tribe to Gatherhold. While traveling, we kept our eyes peeled for Diane the Alchemist, who was out hunting for herbs and things for alchemical things. For several days we took part in typical tribe activities like hunting and scouting.

One day, though, great balls of fire rained down from the sky mostly on one tiny tent (looks like the bad guys have shitty aim). Between a few archers, a floating fire lady, and some otherwise nasty elves (and some really shitty rolls) we scrambled to take them down, ultimately succeeding.

That’s when Mr. Baddie-In-Mithril-Armor showed up. BIMA said that he would like to fight Diane, and that we need to tell him where she is. He was not impressed when we told him we didn’t know, and that we’d been looking for her too. When BIMA then calmly told us he would set the entire village on fire, Dalekirk apparently suddenly remembered where Diane was.


“Is this a spell?”



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