Warforged Chaos Mage


After House Cannith left her in Xen’drik, she was found by Drow from the Uluz tribe, ill from the strike of an ichinkuwaita—the one-legged spirit goblin. The Drow nursed her back to health and, as is only appropriate for someone who survives an attack by an ichinkuwaita, she began her training to become an inyanga—a witch doctor. Although her powers are sometimes unreliable, she maintains a connection to the amadlozi, the ancestor spirits and understands the complex needs and undercurrents of the spirit world. Usually.

When Rupert, his guard Doru, and his student Lorelei first visited Xen’drik they encountered the Uluz tribe of Drow. After communing with the spirits, and with much urging from members of the Uluz tribe, Zikali accepted that the ancestors desired her to travel with her new friend Rupert.


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