Thri'kreen Occultist


Captured years ago from her native Xen’drik, T’ket (pronounced “tih-KEHT”) found herself sold as a sideshow amusement and kept in a small wooden cage. She was unable to escape or even communicate with her captors to protest her sentience and intelligence. Instead, audiences marveled at the “Vicious Man-Eating Bug” drawn in by taglines such as “Come See the Creepy-Crawly!” and “Too Large to Squish!”

At some point during this time she came into possession of a simple dragon-shaped hand puppet. Possibly it was once a prize for a game of chance, or maybe it was dropped by a child. One way or the other, this hand puppet became T’ket’s only friend in the world. It rarely leaves it’s place on her right middle podomere, and with it’s coming she found a way to communicate with her captors. The voice coming, apparently, from the puppet speaks flawless Common without a hint of the clacking that T’ket’s mandibles make when chewing or speaking.

When speaking with her captors did not free her, T’ket and her puppet hatched a plan and successfully escaped via magic taught by the puppet. Even now, the puppet continues to teach T’ket hidden powers that remain a mystery to others. She fled to Fort Bones in an attempt to begin her life anew.


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