Lorelei ir'Marasha

Human Artificer


Lorelei is the third daughter of her family and, despite her disregard for some of the subtleties of artificing, has made many well-balanced, magically sound creations. She is the top student in her class at Morgrave and if she graduates with the same standing, House Cannith will give her rank and maybe even a spouse. (Others say this last detail was settled long ago, thanks to a betrothal begun once she started showing promise, and contingent on her success.)

Because of her ranking (classroom and noble) she was chosen from all of her classmates to accompany Dr. Pedantus on the Xen’drik expedition, and was promised university credit for the experience. Considering the amount of luggage she tried to bring and the fact that she brought a parasol with her, it remains to be seen if Lorelei considers this a fair trade.

UPDATE 12/27/2014: Lorelei appears to have lost all memory of the last month’s events, including the expedition to Xen’drik and ensuing encounter with a dragon. Evidence suggests that cultists were involved. While she has agreed to help the party with their endeavors, she wonders if she will ever get her memories back, or what the consequences of forgetting might be.

Lorelei ir'Marasha

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