Amanai Lilifa Shandaren

gnome cleric, proud grandmother


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Amanai, or “Nai Nai” for short, is the matriarch of one of Brelish gnomekind’s decidedly more unique family units. A cleric who draws her strength from her reverence for the ancestors, Nai Nai met and was mentored by a middle-aged aasimar paladin in her adventuring youth. After the paladin saved the life of one of King Boranel’s sons in battle, the two settled down to raise a family on a small estate southeast of Wroat, bequeathed to them by their grateful monarch. Though her husband is long dead, their family legacy of war heroics lives on in their son, Jozujai, and their granddaughter Pingan, who is swiftly rising up the ranks of the King’s Swords. (Nai Nai is more than happy to talk about Pingan’s exploits at length.)

A few years ago, Nai Nai cheerfully ignored the concerns of her son and daughter-in-law and decided that Pingan shouldn’t have to earn all of the glory in the family. She travels Khorvaire looking for her next big adventure, letting the ancestors—and a bit of luck—decide where she’ll go next.

Amanai Lilifa Shandaren

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