Icon Points and Favors

How you get them

At character creation, players choose the icons with which they have a positive, negative, or neutral/complicated relationship with. These relationships tie the players into the people and organizations that shape the future of Khorvaire. They have 3 points to distribute any way they choose between up to three icons.

At the start of each Adventuring Day, players get a number of “Icon Favors” equal to the number of icon points that they have.

How you use them

A Favor can be spent at any time to accomplish one of the following:

  • Influence the out-of-combat narrative in some beneficial way (pending GM approval)
  • Perform a stunt in combat (usually an auto-pass on a scenic skill check, but similar in scope to a rogue’s Swashbuckle ability)
  • Pull something unlikely out of their pack (including a mundane magic item – potion, rune, alchemical item etc)
  • Before making a skill check or saving throw, give themselves a +20 to the roll
  • Increase the natural result of a roll by +1 (making a natural 15 into a natural 16, for example)
  • Force an enemy to re-roll an attack and take the lower result
  • Re-roll an attack or damage roll

Any time an Icon Favor is spent, a d6 is rolled with the following results:

1-4: The Icon Favor is spent normally.
5: The Icon Favor is spent, but there may be a twist or complication (determined by the player or GM).
6: The Icon Favor is used, but not consumed and can be used again at a later time.

How you explain the effect

All “Icon Favors” should be flavored or explained in such a way to frame one of the player’s icon relationships in an interesting way. Examples:

“Can I spend an Icon Favor to say that I have a close friend from House Tharashk in this city, willing to help us out?” (icon relationship with “House Tharashk”)

“Can I spend an Icon Favor to punch the ghost in the throat when it tries to use that fearful howl thing it does? All that time working with Cyrian Refugees, I picked up some tricks to fighting the undead.” (icon relationship with “Cyrian Refugees”)

“A gnome I used to work with in The Wayfinder Foundation always said to keep sand in my pocket – can I throw my pocket sand in that berserker’s eyes and make them re-roll their attack” (icon relationship with “The Wayfinder Foundation”)

“Can I pull a skeleton key out of my pocket to break into the Magistrate’s apartment without making a fuss? Everybody that works with House Phiarlan winds up with a few random skeleton keys…” (icon relationship with “House Phiarlan”)

“Nobody gets far in the Aurum without being able to hold their liquor – can I get a bonus to my Constitution check to stay sober here?” (icon relationship with “The Aurum”)

Special notes:

Icon Favors cannot be carried over into the next Adventuring Day – use them or lose them.

Players get a 4th icon point at 5th level, and a 5th icon point at 8th level.

Several class abilities manipulate or alter icon points; see the GM for specific details but generally it breaks down like this:

If a class ability or talent allows you to make an icon roll, you can immediately spend an Icon Favor for free, rolling a d6 as normal afterwards.

If a class ability or talent grants you a temporary icon point, you gain an Icon Favor for each icon point you gained, which can be spent and will disappear at the end of the Adventuring Day as normal.

If you have questions on how a class talent or ability works with Icon Favors, ask the GM!

Icon Points and Favors

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