Dragonmarked Houses

The Twelve Dragonmarked Houses are families who, through unexplained circumstances, developed dragonmarks and spell-like abilities associated with them. The marks appear to be genetic, passed down within the family dynasties that sprang up to take advantage of the dragonmark powers. Not all family members will have a dragonmark, in fact only a small percentage will manifest a mark. Marks come in three ranks of complexity (and thus power): least, lesser, and greater, with the greater dragonmark being extremely rare.

Approximately 1500 years ago agreements reached at the end of the War of the Mark stabilized the Houses and ended the perceived threat of aberrant dragonmarks on the established Houses. Those born with aberrant dragonmarks are hunted.

House Cannith
Race: Humans ~ Mark of Making
House Cannith is known for its alchemists, artificers, magewrights, and mundane crafters of great skill. Perhaps the greatest creation of House Cannith is the Warforged, intelligent humanoid cyborgs who were created close to the end of the Last War and sold as soldiers. This House was once based out of Cyre but the Day of Mourning resulted in the death of the house patriarch, throwing future leadership of the House into confusion.

House Deneith
Race: Humans ~ Mark of Sentinel
House Deneith oversees the Defenders Guild, devoted to protection, and the Blademarks Guild, which supplies mercenaries. During the Last War, Deneith significantly increased their influence and reputation—currently they hold the greatest military power in Khorvaire.

House Ghallanda
Race: Halflings ~ Mark of Hospitality
House Ghallanda is based in the city of Gatherhold in the Talenta Plains, and straddles the traditionally nomadic lifestyle of the halflings on the plains and the urban environments of most of the rest of Khorvaire. House Ghallanda maintains the Hostelers Guild, and the Mark of Hospitality was one of the first dragonmarks to appear on the lesser races over 3000 years ago.

House Jorasco
Race: Halflings ~ Mark of Healing
Although the Mark of Healing appeared among the halflings of the Talenta Plains, the House moved to Karrnath in order to serve more of Khorvaire. The house gives aid to all who need it, provided they can pay for it.

House Kundarak
Race: Dwarves ~ Mark of Warding
Banking, money lending, and vault storage are the main services offered by the House Kundarak dwarves. The Warding Guild consists of mundane and magical security systems and guards, and many of the nations of Khorvaire utilize the services of House Kundarak for their monetary needs.

House Lyrandar
Race: Half-elves ~ Mark of Storm
Currently House Lyrandar operates out of the city of Stormhome in Aundair. It oversees the Raincallers Guild and the Windwrights Guild. Half-elves with the Mark of Storm can affect the weather, and make the best captains of elemental airships.

House Medani
Race: Half-elves ~ Mark of Detection
Based out of Wroat in Breland, House Medani controls the Warning Guild which can foresee danger and threats, and trades in knowledge. The house leader is rumored to be a powerful friend of King Boranel of Breland.

House Orien
Race: Humans ~ Mark of Passage
The Transportation Guild and Couriers Guild fall under the control of House Orien, based out of Passage in Aundair. Every traveler who uses the lightning rail, joins an Orien caravan, or hires an Orien courier can vouch for the safety and speed with which people and goods reach their destination.

House Phiarlan
Race: Elves ~ Mark of Shadow
The Mark of Shadow is one of the oldest of the dragonmarks, originally appearing in Aerenal. Members of House Phiarlan relocated to Khorvaire thousands of years ago, and founded the Entertainers and Artisans Guild where they utilize the divinatory and illusory powers of the Mark of Shadow to provide entertainment to citizens of Khorvaire and particularly Sharn in Breland, where they moved after Cyre was destroyed.

House Sivis
Race: Gnomes ~ Mark of Scribing
House Sivis has a reputation for absolute impartiality, and thus they are often entrusted with the communications and records of royalty. House Sivis controls the Speakers Guild (translators, mediators, and advocates) and Notaries Guild (written documents). It is based in Zilargo, but House Sivis members can be found throughout Khorvaire.

House Tharashk
Race: Half-orcs and Humans ~ Mark of Finding
This house uses the Mark of Finding to work as prospectors, bounty hunters, and guides under the auspices of the Finders Guild. They are the main suppliers of dragonshards to the rest of Khorvaire.

House Thuranni
Race: Elves ~ Mark of Shadow
House Thuranni was once a part of House Phiarlan but split off in the midst of the Last War due to internal conflicts. Their base of operations is in Regalport in the Lhazaar Principalities, where they offer services as entertainers and artisans.

House Vadalis
Race: Humans ~ Mark of Handling
The Mark of Handling gives humans with the mark the power to calm and control animals. House Vadalis oversees the Handlers Guild, which is the premier source for the best livestock in Khorvaire, as well as the best teamsters, trainers, and stablekeepers money can hire. House Vadalis is based out of the Eldeen Reaches.

Dragonmarked Houses

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