A Brief History of Eberron

Back, far back, in the mists of time when the universe was very young and the world was whole there were three great dragons who wandered the vast expanse of nothing that was everything. Together these dragons – Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber – discovered the draconic prophecy in its entirety.

Siberys spent her time flying through the cosmos placing stars. Khyber, angry and jealous of Siberys’s creativity, followed behind and gobbled the stars down until eventually Siberys turned on him.

What followed was a battle that raged for eons until finally Khyber defeated Siberys, shattering her body into millions of pieces. Enraged and thirsting for blood, Khyber turned to attack Eberron, but Eberron was ready for this and dodged. Khyber, weary already from his battle with Siberys, ultimately tired so much that Eberron could enfold Khyber with her body, imprisoning him. The two living dragons slumbered, their bodies hardening to rock, and thus the world of Eberron was born. The ferocity of these battles shattered the draconic prophecy, and dragons spend much of their time reading signs in the stars and in the world, trying to foretell the future.

To this day Eberron, the Dragon Between, separates Khyber (the Dragon Below) and the ring of dragonshards that were once Siberys (the Dragon Above) and that now surround Eberron. Khyber’s deep foul depths still occasionally spew forth demons and monstrosities in an attempt to destroy that which Eberron created on her surface.

A Brief History of Eberron

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