Slim human male of average height with black medium length hair wears leather armor and has on a dull yellow cloak.


Shun has lead a curious life, an admired acrobat in his early life spurred on and trained by close family. Before being able to turn this into a profession he was conscripted into the army, learning to fight both in close quarters and at range. Afterwards he came home to a fractured family, not feeling at ease anymore at home he decided to go out into the world and find his fortune. Unfortunately, having a quick wit and no filter lead him afoul of a rich nobleman who saw he received a severe punishment. Sentenced to imprisonment, Shun thought his short life was over but a few short days into his incarceration an old friend from his time as a soldier came to his rescue. Arguing in his favor and reaching out to one of their friends in the local aristocracy they were able to free Shun. The entire encounter left a bad taste in Shun’s mouth and through a series of amusing events he turned to a short career as a thief, specializing in relieving the particularly snobby rich of their wealth.

A few fun facts:
When he’s not busy trading quips or playing tricks, Shun is unusually studious. Despite his outward facing demeanor of the shallow trickster, he is quite knowledgable. Having collected books from his travels, he is able to recall information about a startling array of topics, from engineering and geography to magic and art.


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