Gorudo Hazine

half-giant monk, nice guy, gourmand


A half-giant of impressive size, stature, and girth, Gorudo grew up in an orphanage in Trolanport. His size made him very clumsy, which in turn made the other children laugh at him (and made him often hide in the kitchens, where he found his lifelong love of food—and habit of comfort-eating). Determined to become more graceful, Gorudo journeyed to the Monastery of Orla-un in Aundair, where he sat outside of their gates for five days until they agreed to train him.

Fresh from his training and armed with special techniques to stop conflict by any means necessary, Gorudo has begun the last phase of his training: roaming the land for a year to bring peace and harmony to Eberron. Any stops at restaurants, food carts, and inns along the way will be purely incidental.

Gorudo Hazine

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