Closing the Box

The Dragon was a Lie

Session 12

So we left off opening up a room via some sort of pillar/glowy puzzle. The next room was full of scary lightning beams, with chains dangling from the ceiling. Lorelei got herself up on those chains and swung across the room to get to the other side where a glowing orb was held in place by lightning bolts. The rest of us daisy chained by always having one of us touching a pole while the rest of us held hands and did not sing Kumbaya.

We fetched the orb that oddly seemed like it might fit in the center door back in the main room, as though it was a key of some sort. We went back to that room and sure enough, it vacuum sealed in place.

We proceeded to enter the right-hand door and enter into a super cold room covered in jagged ice crystals and an ice-coated floor. Lorelei makes cleats for everyone, and we carefully make our way through the room with the super sharp icicles. The door to the next room is covered in ice, but fortunately Doru’s amazing flaming sword thawed it out rather handily.

When it opened, there was a huge gust of wind that blew through and did absolutely nothing to us because we were wearing cleats.

The next room was a super super cold room with a constant wind coming from an opening above us. Durriken pulled out his handy-dandy Adventurer 2.0 pack which contained climbing gear and climbed up to the opening while Zikali flew around the room and made plane airship noises.

Once we all climbed to the next room, we found a dire sea lion chilling out in a pool, with a “blaster turtle” who looked oddly like a Blastoise calmly doing “blaster turtle” things. They let us by and into the next room.

In the next room we found an orb that we thought maybe perhaps would fit in the door back in the main room. We took it, only to find that Mr. Blastoise “blaster turtle” and the sea lion were pissed, and they called in their magical teleporting crocodile friend who in turn called in some of his friends. Lorelei somehow managed to smoke nearly all of the crocodile’s friends with a single superpowered wand blast. Zikali got in a few final death shots that almost didn’t go through due to the GM being an ass reasons. Ultimately the sea lion was drug off into the watery depths by tentacles, so Zikali was happy.

So we make it back to the main room, put the orb in the door, and it opens. Inside and down underwater are 3 shrimp, 2 pretty fish, and 1 other guy all chilling out. They aren’t too keen on us entering the temple that they guard, but Durriken is pretty convincing (although Zikali was not). They tell us we are not allowed to take the thing, but we decide we want to take the thing, and we manage to convince them to let us take the thing. We (mostly Durriken and not Zikali) are veritable wordsmiths.

The thing is a spear that we poke the swirling pool of water in the middle of the main room with. The storm of ice and electricity that was going on in it goes away, leaving a very deep pool of water. The Turdasque does not make an appearance, so we jump in.

Upon making it through the toilet pool of water, we find ourselves in a vast room with a spiraling pathway. Up in the vastness of the ceiling flitted dragons. One big unfamiliar dragon head popped out and started talking to us.

It told us that Wanderzenk, our dragon guide, had lied to us and was actually a renegade within draconic society. It said that if we destroyed the Eye of Oefonxalia entire continents would be destroyed and that generally it would be a bad time. Instead, New Dragon said, we should just… let the Eye fall to the side, that it would find its way to where it needed to be.

Wanderzenk chose this moment to pop in and be pissy and try to convince us that New Dragon was lying out of his ass.

The very confused party at this point decided, for whatever damn reason, to listen to Zikali’s offer to contact the spirits to ascertain which dragon was lying. So Zikali played a mystical game of spin the bottle with the spirits which indicated that Wanderzenk was lying slightly more than New Dragon.

We dropped the Eye off the side of the platform (did not destroy it) and were magically teleported out of there and back next to our boat. There was a great meteor storm…. and then nothing.

All continents we cared about were still there when we got home, so it appears that we chose the correct dragon.

Personally I think if we chose wrong and Sarlona was destroyed, good fucking riddance.

~And, uh, yeah, thus concludes the campaign. The next adventure is starting up soon, and all logs will be posted on this same Obsidian Portal.



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