Closing the Box

Spirits and Shenanigans

Session 6-7

After we kill off the cultists in the basement, we hear voices outside. Lorelei hides, and the rest of us waver indecisively between hiding and charging out, but eventually charge out, Durriken in the lead. He gets in one hit before Lorelei (now looking exactly like the lead cultist with the creepy throwing soul blade) emerges from the chest and shouts up orders for the cultists to stop attacking.

Baffled, we follow her lead. She puts on the robe of the cultist and marches up the stairs, orders them to stand down, and we get in a skycoach to get us the hell away from the cultists before they figure things out. Lorelei hides the cultist’s robes in the skycoach and we split up to do different things in the city.

When we meet up, Rupert has some unfortunate news for us. Lorelei appears to have forgotten everything that happened this last time we visited Xen’drik together. She’s missing the marvelous memories of Mr Phallus, as well as those of the wonderful witch doctor who promised Zikali some frogs, and David the Gnome. Fuck David the Gnome.

Well, uneasily she agrees to continue accompanying us, and the party focuses on its objective: to find Dvageon the dwarf and the Eye.

We find out where the dwarf is staying fairly easily, and Lorelei’s connections get us invited to stay at a nearby manor while we plot. As it turns out, the dwarf bought the manor recently and fired the old servants. We hire a PI to find the previous butler to get us information.

(Session 7)
Durriken fortunately remembers the layout of the manor from his visits there while in Vag’s employ and describes it to us. We spend some time plotting and planning exactly how to go about infiltrating the building and settle on scare tactics to vacate the premises to lower our chances of getting caught by servants or other hirelings.

Zikali goes down to Lower Sharn to try to summon spirits to aid her in haunting the dwarf’s manor, while Lorelei fashions timed doodads that make loud noises, bangs, whistles, soft whispering sounds, etc that she plants in Lord Watt’s manor (where we are staying). Dave the Spirit goes happily to haunt the dwarf’s place, and the doodads go off and severely freak Lord Watt’s servants out—not helped by Zikali insisting there is a spirit infestation. Ultimately Zikali cleanses the house in a long ritual including violent spirit wrestling and the Gbahali snapping at spirits in the air.

In the meantime, the PI reports that he’s found the previous butler, serving elsewhere in town. Lorelei and Durriken go to interview the man, under the pretext of Rupert interviewing the child of the homeowner for a potential scholarship. The kid is dumb as a box of rocks but the butler has tons of information. Most importantly, that what we seek is likely in the basement, which is magically guarded and is opened likely by jewelry the dwarf wears (pendant and way too many tacky silver rings).

Zikali and Doru stay near Lord Watt’s manor, fueling rumors about a local spirit infestation by wandering about and holding conversations with spirits (whether they’re there or not).
The group plants rumors about a huge violent spirit uprising that will take place on the night of the full Dolorggh moon, which coincidentally is imminent. Servants in the dwarf’s household are warned to stay elsewhere that night, and to leave the windows in the chapel and library open so that the spirits can escape.

Conveniently that night we sneak into the chapel window and meet back up with Dave, who is less useful with the pull of the moon but still agrees to stick with us. The door between the library and the chapel grows a mouth and says “you’re not supposed to be here.” We freak out, exit the chapel, and climb in the library window instead.

Down the stairs in the library there are some lovely tapestries and two crystal-encrusted golems.

It’s possible all they want is a good game of poker, but perhaps we shouldn’t hold our breath.

Notable Quotes
“Hot clanky sex… Clang, clang, clang”
“Anything can be a sex organ if you think about it sexily enough.”
“Out of control droll troll patrol.”
“Have you heard the good news about Blastingel the door fucker?”



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