Closing the Box

Into Vag's Treasure Room

Session 8

The crystal-encrusted golems were, in fact, not interested in a rousing game of poker.

We smashed them to the ground. Multiple times. They had an annoying ability to reactivate each other, so we had to take them out near simultaneously. Smashing their large crystal clusters seemed to help. Somewhere in the middle of this Zikali threw down a vial of magic juju and promptly grew spiky red hair.

When they were finally dead deactivated? we moved into the rest of the basement. What did we see? Wondrous things. There were magical items of all sorts of shapes and sizes, mostly sitting on pedestals in the middle of the room like a large, incredibly unsecured museum gallery (I mean really, people lean on everything and Vag’s got pedestals in the middle of the room with no ropes around them? C’mon). One of the relics was a single smudged bloodstain, because that’s not disturbing.

Looking around, we find the Eye of Oefonxalia and we ninja it away. Well, sorta. As we are leaving, D’Vageon himself comes roaring into the room in an Ironman suit. There is a moment where we all stare at each other, then Lorelei grabs the Eye, touches the pendant around her neck, and vanishes. None of us know where she’s gone.

The rest of us take advantage of the fact that Vagman is not extremely mobile and dart around him. We escape into the night under the full Dolurrh moon.

Notable Quotes

“This guy has some crystals worth whacking, right?

“A robot super saiyan that dipped their hair in koolaid.”
“Yeah, only less chunky, more porcupine.”



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