Closing the Box

In Which Our Daring Author Lost Her Notes

Session 11

(No seriously guys I can’t find them. If/When I do I’ll update this. In the meantime, here’s what I remember)

Underwater pokemons. Trying to find black pearls that the underwater pokemons didn’t give a shit about, they just didn’t want us to be anywhere near their business.

Talking to the sahuagin. Being told that we had to do like… 3 trials or something equally cliche. There was a bush with roses in it and Zikali got stabbed. Someone ninja’d their way through that one.

Eventually went through the trials. A sahuagin priest or something like that crushed up the pearls, made a potion, and food poisoned everyone. Except Zikali, who dutifully dumped his gut bucket for them.

Then we went to a room with like… 2 side rooms and a main entrance right in front and it was painfully obvious we had to go through the side rooms to get something to get us into the main entrance. We went left (because you always go left). Lightning. So much lightning. Ended up destroying lightning pillars to get through the lightning wall but we had angry dudes after us. Such anger. Much zap. Wow.



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