Closing the Box

Good news and -- no, it's all bad news

Session 9

Rupert informed us that according to Lorelei’s file she would most likely be found at her father’s estate, so after escaping Dvageon L’Ortheyon‘s manor we made our way there. On the way, Zikali informs the group that Dave has decided to remain with the group and is now inhabiting one of Zikali’s many fetishes, a red cup with hollow white balls inside that rattles when shook.

We arrived at the ir’Marasha residence just in time for breakfast. Lorelei had been kind enough to request that the cooks make additional breakfast for the party and upon arriving we dined on delicious waffles. Including Zikali whose gut bucket was soon filled with syrupy goodness as we discussed the bowel and gut practices of warforged. No one seemed put off their meal by the discussion.

We decided to flee from Vag the dwarf and go to the ir’Marasha summer home in the Eldeen Reaches in their private airship. One night during our flight the dragon that originally spoke to us in Xen’drik called again and everyone but Zikali met it on the deck of the ship.

The dragon (who I am now being told is named Wanderzenk) said that now that we had the Eye, the draconic prophecy clearly indicated that the dwarf would catch up to us and destroy us in his quest for vengeance. The only way to avoid this tragedy is to destroy the Eye in a location that the dragon does not know, but fortunately he knows a guy who knows. The dragon’s buddy, another dragon, will happily give us a map that will lead us to the place where the Eye can be destroyed. This new dragon lives north of the Gloaming in the Eldeen Reaches, where the fae and crazy druids tend to congregate. Because things can’t just be simple.

We stop by the ir’Marasha summer residence to get silver to ward off fae, and eventually arrive at the large, turgid, gloriously girthy Treeness, below which is a brambly maze.

We enter and explore the maze, happening upon three Ashbound druids (including Treezus) and two dire bears are chilling out. Treezus, being a jerk, calls in a giant weasel, giant frog, and a wolf when it becomes apparent that we are not interested in dying peacefully. Ultimately we set fire to Treezus and kill one of his Treesciples, although a second Treesciple escapes into the bramble.

Just down the path we discover a giant purple mushroom and a lot of other mushrooms. They are polite enough to speak to the “meat stalks” before simply attacking, and articulate their desire to eat meat stalks to grow big and strong. We bring them the bodies of Treezus, the Treesciple, and some of the animals.

In the meantime Lorelei absconds from the group to go speak to a lady we noticed earlier in the maze but did not approach. She negotiates passage for herself but not the rest of us into the interior of the maze, then returns to us by the myconids. We negotiate to leave Rupert with her to tell her stories while we speak to the dragon. She is pleased by this.

The dragon is an 8-year-old blond girl with a super deep voice who gives us a small device and instructs us to use it in the morning. Meeting this dragon was rather anticlimactic.

We return to the maze to find that Rupert has fallen asleep. This is bad. We don’t know how bad yet, but it’s definitely bad.

We leave and head north but discover the next morning when Lorelei gazes into the device that we are headed the wrong direction. Lorelei describes seeing an isolated reef, deep underwater, where there’s an aquatic city populated by several Sahuagin tribes. Within the city there is a sacred temple around which a continual under-water hurricane storms eternal.

So we head south after deciding to go to the city of Wroat because Zikali assures the group she is good friends with House Tharashk and can convince them to find the location of the underwater temple for us.

In Wroat, the individuals at the House Tharashk outpost did indeed know Zikali and were most accommodating, offering to not only provide their services free of charge but recommending and then paying for our lodgings at an inn on the other side of town. What kind souls. Zikali was a little disappointed that the messenger in the morning who delivered a map didn’t stick around to chat.

We leave from Wroat and head to Trolanport in Zilargo. Disembarking from the airship, we find someone waiting for us.

Notable Quotes:
Dave hath retold the elegant lay of one elf maid’s struggle with foreign fauna. -“Anacondiel” by the great Nic’iminaj

“Eh, it looked bigger in the picture.”
“Stop tree-shaming guys! It’s not like yours looks any better!”

“That Treeness is much more impressive up close.”
“Oh! It’s an uncut treeness!”

“Sharks fall, everybody dies.”

“I have waffles in my gut bucket.”

“So we put it in her gut bucket and kick her into the lightning.”



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