Closing the Box

Giant Observatory, part 2

Session 5

After laying the undead to rest in their sarcophagi, we continued exploring the crypt. After a room with a bed of everburning coals we entered a room with a narrow hallway at the end of which was a room of stinky undead in a pit. Lorelei poisons the shit out of the mooks, who puke violently on each other. One pukes up an unidentified limb and Zikali calls dibs on it.

Deeper in the crypt Rupert finds a hidden chamber with chests and an altar with clear signs that this is the personal wealth of a now deceased giant. Zikali contacts the dead giant and establishes that the giant would prefer that we did not take his gold but that he can’t really stop us. When asked if there was anything we could do for the spirit, he requested we bring him back to life so he could “kill all those damned elf slaves.” When denied this, he instructed Zikali to “die burning in the pits of Khyber.” We stole his stuff after setting off a pretty weaksauce fireball trap. Apparently methane is diluted after several tens of thousands of years.

Pretty soon after this we noped out of a room with some pretty stout mummy guys. Then we found the dragon, permanently contained via magic in a room in that crypt. He explained to us that we fit the draconic prophecy wanted posters and that we would be instrumental in reversing the mistake that the giants made a long time ago, and in the process lift the curse on both the giants and Xen’drik.

Basically, the meteors and pebbles falling from the sky are parts of Siberys, the sky dragon of amazingness. These pieces of dragon will eventually fall on an island with artifacts, causing a cataclysm and destroying these artifacts, which are what keeps the curse going. However, other parties have also figured out that this is what is happening and wish to stop the draconic prophecy from coming true. A different dragon believes that instead of having learned their lesson, the giants will come back and re-enslave the drow and generally be assholes.

The ritual to stop the pieces of sky dragon from destroying the curse centers around a single object (the Shard of Paraeth) which is held by a dwarf named Dvageon L’Ortheyon who just happens to be the dwarf who hired Durriken to come fetch the Eye of Oefonxalia. The dragon does not like this guy. The dragon also informed us that the Eye was held in his personal treasure hoard and promised that it was completely safe.

The dragon offered to port us to Sharn, where Dvageon and the Shard are both supposed to be. After some deliberation, we took him up on it, and wavered into existence just in time to watch a drug deal (?) not go down. Men from the city police including a guy with red hair and a distinctive scar, possibly named Maegar, told some sketchy looking guys that the deal was off and left before they saw us. We were attacked by the sketchy guys. After dispatching their sketchy faces, we hear shouting outside, something about “They’re down here”…



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